Becca + Montana

These two are cool, cool, cool.  Becca found a great spot in downtown Murrieta to shoot in and we agreed to meet at the beginning of town. I had no idea it was going to be so cool! There were tons of people buzzing around, hitting the shops and eating BBQ.  Have a cold one but watch out for the sheriff – partner! Yeah okay, I’m a nerd. I’m having 50’s westerns running through my head. Oooh Bonanza! LOL. Well . . . you get the picture. It was “old town”. We meandered or rather sauntered downtown, past the old cola bottle shop and reached the theatre. They had a pretty good idea that it was going to be a great spot to shoot in. And it totally was. Not that I was worried. Becca is a fellow photographer of whom I have had incredible fun working with. It may or may not have anything to do with our red hair. Hmmm. So we start warming up –  taking a few shots and they were like – ” Hey, this really works out. We met here!”   Awesome! I love it when it just “works out”.

Old bottles, old wood, old barrels – new love.


I just loved this shoot from beginning to end! We drove out to Palm Springs to take in the desert landscape and vegetation. It was so pretty!!!! We had perfect natural backdrops and a beautiful canopy of fresh green trees that sprinkled something wonderful in Amelia’s hair. Which was styled and primped by the amazing Alyson Sousa. And of course, like her mother Amelia is to die for gorgeous! Luckily we were a bit secluded and were able to go about our business snapping these amazing shots. Until our next location. A church that had just been built off the side of the road. The sand was soft and sparkly with cute little sage green sprigs poking through. Enter Amelia . . . traffic stopper. Whistles, horns – hahahaha. It was fun. Did I say she is gorgeous! After throwing around some sand we jumped in the car to travel to our last location. A row of burnt trees off the side of the freeway. So cool.

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your graduation!




M + K

Well. The weather has turned towards the cold side and I absolutely love it! So, I decided to post this engagement session taken a few weeks ago to celebrate first, this marvelous couple and the last of our cozy cold weather. We almost cancelled due to the heavy fog that rolled in up in Oak Glenn at the Christian Conference Center. But alas, one hour before the shoot, the heavens opened up and the sun peaked outside just enough for us to take the leap and shoot. And I’m so glad we did! We met at the Christian Conference center where Melissa had grown up and met Kyle on his visits. I mean so cute! Childhood friends! We visited the playground and took some images around a silver horse which has quite the story of being stolen and found. Hahahaha. Camp stories! I loved just hanging around these two as they recalled memories and laughed. Or rather, Melissa laughed in a huge way as Kyle adoringly watched her and smirked. Sigh. Amore. This makes me think of wanting background music. Cue the Music!

Well, anyway . . . we casually moved on to a great meadow of grass and trees just as the sun decided to give up peaking through the clouds which created this lovely romantic dreamy mood. Just around the corner were our friends at Riley’s Farm. And we were just in time for the glorious apple blossoms! Okay, okay. That sounds as if we happened upon them. It was definitely planned. Melissa and Kyle are using apples as a theme for their wedding and has great meaning for Melissa who grew up in apple country! They were so beautiful and cheery. Just like our couple. Who needs the sun when these two are around!

Go make some apple cider, grab a blanket, and snuggle in with a loved one. Ooooh, and maybe a fire. Crackle. Thank you Melissa and Kyle for sharing your day with me!!!!



Amelia – beautiful graduate

What an amazing time of shooting! Super beautiful and cool locations with Amelia!  No she is not a model, just your everyday normal soon to be 18 year old who is graduating!!!   Yeah. okay. . .  she’s not normal. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

More to come later!

E + A Forever

This was a whirlwind of a wedding. From the phone call on thursday, “Help, I need a photographer!”. To the wedding on Saturday. Ahhhhhhh! One and a half days to prepare. I usually love all the planning and details, but sure no prob! (Ashley did a great job with her design and planning). . . . . .  The only bummer here was not having the time I usually get in knowing the bride and groom. Ashley and Eric are so amazing and were so fun to be with on their wedding day. You can just see how they belong together. It was a photographers dream. Super comfortable in front of the camera and so in love with each other. Lots of goofing around and sincere embraces. What a great day. Even though it was freezing there in the end when some huge clouds rolled in – sorry girls!   Everyone looked amazing and gave some great attitude for our groop shot at the station in Redlands. And with the clouds came some light showers, which we were able to break out the umbrella for a few shots behind the Mitten building. The sun was cooperating beautifully. I just love it when that moment happens! We had a very dark blue-gray sky and a perfect near sun down glow. Sigh. Thank you Eric and Ashley for such a wonderful time!

Click below to see their wedding.