Ashleigh and Steven | Sea Venture Resort Pismo Beach

I knew I would love  Ashleigh and Steven when we met, but when  they told me that they had visited ALL of the bridal shows collecting ideas and designing their wedding, I knew they would be the perfect bride and groom visionaries.  And as you will see, they did a beyond amazing job! From the cute tin coffee can centerpieces, handmade tags, hand-collected sand dollars, brushes, sand jars, little florals, arrangements . . . . to the assortment of mouth watering foods and desserts, this was a wedding hosted beautifully and stylishly. And speaking of the food . . . you are going to see lots of pictures of the decadent dishes served. Yes, yum. and yum again. And then some more yum. Foodie heaven. The Sea Venture Resort did a spectacular job in making every dish beautiful and savory!!!! You might just want to eat first, just warning you.  ; )

Ashleigh – if there were ever a dress that was made for you . . . . well, you were so stunning! Beautiful everything!!! Love the hair, love the dress, loved it all! This was indeed a spectacular wedding to be a part of. Thank you for sharing your life with us! I cherish our friendship and love you guys! Congratulations! And. . .  I look forward to having dinner with you soon! : )


Oh – and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better . . . there’s more. Ashleigh and Steven – part 2.


Crystal Cove beach – engagement shoot

We couldn’t have been more lucky to have shot at the beautiful Crystal Cove beach last week. The weather was absolutely perfect! A nice breeze with large drifting clouds. Wonderful. We had planned for sun, being as I am a red head, I am always looking for new and chic ways out of the suns rays. If you have driven up the 101, you might have seen the beach that always has driftwood structures built creatively up the shoreline. So, with this in mind, we built a minimal easy structure that simply held itself with the legs dug into the sand. To give the feel of the light romanticism we were going for we added a sheer drape coupled with an embroidered vintagey drape. Voila. Love. Sweet. Simple. And I got the . . . why don’t we do this every time we go to the beach? Exactly!  Love it. And you don’t go to the beach without snacks. So. . . why not a whipped fluffy cake. For the record, yes, I wanted to sit in the tent, sipping champagne and nibbling on the cake. dreamy.

But. . .  this was all for Laura and Justin. And it was definitely worth it. Laura is such a beautiful girl with amazing eyes and gorgeous hair. I loved watching these two simply be. Perfectly in love and in sync. I am thoroughly happy to have spent this time together, capturing these moments and taking in the beauty of the cove.


Sarah and Chris – San Luis Obispo Engagement

This was such a fun shoot to go on. The weather was great and although we had fog for the whole weekend – which I was totally expecting on the day of the shoot – it was bright and sunny and warm. : ) Just like the couple. You know how some people can just seem like life long friends . . . even though you really only barely know them? Well . . . Sarah and Chris are just like that for me. It was so casual and cheery. We were just having a great time together, me with my camera and them trying to ignore me and be just themselves at an old train station. Hahahaha. That sounds really bad. I guess you don’t ignore life-long friends. Or do you? Just Kidding. : ) Maybe I shouldn’t write this late at night. Anyway.. . . we had so much fun! The architecture was superb and my favorite was the bridge. The sun was just setting and cast a wonderful orange-red romantic glow on the sharp symmetrical lines of steel. Cool. Then . . . we headed off into the sunset all together for dinner. Yay! The firestone Grill is amazing! I hate to admit it. . . but I had the pig sandwich. I wonder why they call it that? It sounds so bad when you order it. But hey, I was with good friends.

Sarah and Chris – thank you so much for some amazing memories and we are so happy for you and can’t wait to capture your amazing wedding in November!