Justin and Laura | Black Gold Golf Club, Yorba Linda

So you may remember these two on the beach of Crystal Cove?  That was such a glorious day – sigh. Tell me you didn’t fall in love with Laura’s adorable dimples and stunning eyes. She is just a beautiful thing to behold. And Justin complements her completely. When they fall into each others arms – Laura is immediately calmed and instantly happy. I had the pleasure of witnessing this first hand on the day of the wedding. Unfortunately, it began to rain and increased in steadiness as the day progressed. Don’t worry – we had fun – you’ll see. But Laura was disappointed and saddened at having to hold the ceremony indoors. During the first look, as Justin turned around to hold his beautiful bride . . . the two came together and well. . . .  it might as well have been beaming sunshine down on them. Smiles and love. So, that just fills my heart. Thank you Justin and Laura for sharing your wonderful day and life with us!


The twins | Travel Town

These guys are super cute, if you can catch them! Oh my gosh – lightning fast and sooooooooo much boy. It was a blast!


Sarah and Kris

Sarah and Kris are married!!!!! They are such a unique  couple – I just love them to pieces. There is no mistaking how much in love they are and how much fun they have together. Sarah just makes Kris’s face light up with her theatrical moves and fun faces. I loved watching them interact and play together – there is no question as to who the extravert is. LOL. Their wedding was a red carpet movie themed bash. Filled with amazing music – 80’s driven. Hahaha. I did have some flashbacks. Thank you Sarah and Kris for letting us be a part of your wonderful day, we love you guys!

Jen and Quentin | Arrowhead Springs Wedding

I hope you will all enjoy this wedding as much as I did! Arrowhead Springs is so beautiful! And. . . . . I am a sucker for anything built or made in the first half of the 20th century!!!!!!! Chic, glamorous and graceful. I’m thinking old hollywood! Bogart, Jane Russell . .  . watch for some great smolders – hahahaha. Jen and Quentin you guys were so fun!!!!!!!!  This wedding was truly beautiful and intimate, we loved being a part of it all and seeing you together as husband and wife! It was truly a blessing – thank you. We love you guys and your families!