Jeanne – Natural Bride

I absolutely love the outdoors. Isn’t our world just splendid. Okay, okay, minus pesky bugs .  . . but we only had a few of those. This setting couldn’t have been more perfect! I loved all the rawness to these woods, the colors, the sound of the creek flowing with the crisp fresh water from the mountains above. And . . . enter Jeanne. Absolutely stunning! And yes, she is a real person, real bride. Now married to Donovan. (You will get to see their wedding soon. So much back blogging to do!) . Anyway,  Love you guys and thanks Jeanne so much – it was super fun!!!!

New Blog – Yay!

So here it is! The new blog. Woo-hoo! Please be patient with me as I keep updating and changing appearances until I get it right. Or . . . right for the moment.  I’m having images of my mom changing her hair color every month and the house being rearranged throughout the year. Oh heavens. Hmmmm.  Well, anyway .  So excited to start sharing the Fortuna life in pictures and posts! : )