Ashleigh and Steven | Sea Venture Resort Pismo Beach

I knew I would love  Ashleigh and Steven when we met, but when  they told me that they had visited ALL of the bridal shows collecting ideas and designing their wedding, I knew they would be the perfect bride and groom visionaries.  And as you will see, they did a beyond amazing job! From the cute tin coffee can centerpieces, handmade tags, hand-collected sand dollars, brushes, sand jars, little florals, arrangements . . . . to the assortment of mouth watering foods and desserts, this was a wedding hosted beautifully and stylishly. And speaking of the food . . . you are going to see lots of pictures of the decadent dishes served. Yes, yum. and yum again. And then some more yum. Foodie heaven. The Sea Venture Resort did a spectacular job in making every dish beautiful and savory!!!! You might just want to eat first, just warning you.  ; )

Ashleigh – if there were ever a dress that was made for you . . . . well, you were so stunning! Beautiful everything!!! Love the hair, love the dress, loved it all! This was indeed a spectacular wedding to be a part of. Thank you for sharing your life with us! I cherish our friendship and love you guys! Congratulations! And. . .  I look forward to having dinner with you soon! : )


Oh – and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better . . . there’s more. Ashleigh and Steven – part 2.