Crystal Cove beach – engagement shoot

We couldn’t have been more lucky to have shot at the beautiful Crystal Cove beach last week. The weather was absolutely perfect! A nice breeze with large drifting clouds. Wonderful. We had planned for sun, being as I am a red head, I am always looking for new and chic ways out of the suns rays. If you have driven up the 101, you might have seen the beach that always has driftwood structures built creatively up the shoreline. So, with this in mind, we built a minimal easy structure that simply held itself with the legs dug into the sand. To give the feel of the light romanticism we were going for we added a sheer drape coupled with an embroidered vintagey drape. Voila. Love. Sweet. Simple. And I got the . . . why don’t we do this every time we go to the beach? Exactly! ┬áLove it. And you don’t go to the beach without snacks. So. . . why not a whipped fluffy cake. For the record, yes, I wanted to sit in the tent, sipping champagne and nibbling on the cake. dreamy.

But. . .  this was all for Laura and Justin. And it was definitely worth it. Laura is such a beautiful girl with amazing eyes and gorgeous hair. I loved watching these two simply be. Perfectly in love and in sync. I am thoroughly happy to have spent this time together, capturing these moments and taking in the beauty of the cove.