Sarah and Chris – San Luis Obispo Engagement

This was such a fun shoot to go on. The weather was great and although we had fog for the whole weekend – which I was totally expecting on the day of the shoot – it was bright and sunny and warm. : ) Just like the couple. You know how some people can just seem like life long friends . . . even though you really only barely know them? Well . . . Sarah and Chris are just like that for me. It was so casual and cheery. We were just having a great time together, me with my camera and them trying to ignore me and be just themselves at an old train station. Hahahaha. That sounds really bad. I guess you don’t ignore life-long friends. Or do you? Just Kidding. : ) Maybe I shouldn’t write this late at night. Anyway.. . . we had so much fun! The architecture was superb and my favorite was the bridge. The sun was just setting and cast a wonderful orange-red romantic glow on the sharp symmetrical lines of steel. Cool. Then . . . we headed off into the sunset all together for dinner. Yay! The firestone Grill is amazing! I hate to admit it. . . but I had the pig sandwich. I wonder why they call it that? It sounds so bad when you order it. But hey, I was with good friends.

Sarah and Chris – thank you so much for some amazing memories and we are so happy for you and can’t wait to capture your amazing wedding in November!