Melissa and Kyle

Melissa and Kyle are married! They had a wonderful mountain wedding that was inspired by their childhood memories of camp in Oak Glen. Apples, trees, fresh air, friends and family came together to create a spectacular day of their union. The day was spectacular. (I need to find more positive descriptive words) Like phenomenal! Stupendous. Anyone?   Anyway, we had rolling (spectacular) clouds and thunder which just enhanced the mountain feeling and smells and the magnificence that was all around. We did get a bit of sprinkles, minor showers – wow surprise! But the heavens opened up and the skies proved to be clear for the ceremony. Yay!  So my favorite thing about this wedding. Melissa’s contagious smile, super happy grandma’s hugging everyone, loving family –  And . . . it was amazing to see the couple’s first kiss together!! And  . . . of course we didn’t have to cue that too often. Married life is good. hahahaha. Kiss and enjoy –