Justin and Gaby

This was a spectacular shoot from beginning to end. I just loved all the colors surrounding us and the yellow (wild sunflowers?) were to die for. And well that’s what might have just happened on the scouting trip the day before. I knew there were these amazing fields at the base of the mountains. The flowers were bright and cheery and happened to catch the evening sun just perfectly. So, it was just a matter of finding the right way to get to them. No problem. I packed the kids in the car and off we went for a fun filled day of scouting. Spirits were high until I realized I left my trusty thick boots back at home – by the front door. You know – so I wouldn’t forget. And all I had on were my very sparkly flip flops. Great. But alas, there was an extra pair of flats that would at least keep my feet from. . . getting dirty.  Oh well, what’s a little dirt when there is so much splendor ahead? And there was! It  was beautiful!  I could see it all in my head, the couple awash in the yellow field. But alas, everyone in the car was not as excited as I. Uh – ok. I will go myself!  And thus began a hike that lasted way longer than I had anticipated. Up the hill and over the ridge, through little pricklies and finally standing amongst the giant flowers. I finally found the perfect spot. . . . that there would be no way for the couple to get to. Hmmmm. So . . . I started down a path that looked promising. It used to be a road of some sort now grown over with weeds and fluffy grass. Wonderful! But as I kept  walking I became very aware that I was indeed alone. Or I had hoped I was alone. I began to realize that the sun was going down and I was perhaps looking very good for dinner. And being that I am not so fond of becoming part of the food chain, I grabbed a rock and stick. Yes, you heard me . . . it made me feel better – cause I could go all ninja on the beast. hahaha. Now thinking about it, I guess the stick was more appropriately the size of a toothpick for say, a mountain lion. Anywho . .  . I finally had to ditch the road as I came to a very large and serious NO TRESPASSING sign and hike – ok kind of fall down a ravine and across the wash to get back to “civilization”. And . . . in the process found this amazing little oasis.  So, it all worked out. I had a lovely evening with nature – not being eaten – and it made for the most amazing time spent the very next day with two people so very much in love. And isn’t that the most glorious thing ever? : )