Ashleigh and Steven – In love

The day was a sweet wash of summer evening light. And luckily, a soft subtle breeze which helped the smell of lavender surround in such a way as to comfort and sooth. It was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t help but be envious of the lucky farm owner’s at Clairmont Lavender in Los Olivos. So so lucky. And lucky in love are Ashleigh and Steven! They had such a comfortable and understanding way with each other and Ashleigh’s laugh was quite contagious. They shared their antique jar that  holds slips of paper of things to do together. Awwwww. What a great idea. Everyday, they pull one from the jar. And will do so until the wedding. Cute little countdown!

Well. . . the evening was glorious. An olive lined road, a sea of lavender, bees softly at work, oak trees and a curious chicken. Yes . .  Mr. Popper. I was crouching behind a row of lavender and then. . .  in the distance a gentle rustling of movement. Was it a lizard? Umm that would be a large one. Uhhhh, okay I’m stumped. And then.  Pop!  Chicken! Phew. Hahahaha. He checked us out, watched a bit of the shooting and then ducked between the rows of lavender. And then he stayed fairly close. We could hear him moving throughout the woody maze of underbrush. Not quite the stealth chicken anywho. : )

So the only thing left to worry about were any attack bee’s and thank goodness, they were all too busy to even worry about us. Because as I was setting up for the shoot – I had a wow, your kind of stupid moment. Anyone here allergic to bees? Epic failure, eluded.

So everything was lovely. That sounds so flowery. But it was. And we sipped sweet sparkling lemonade and ate chocolate lavender and lemon chiffon cupcakes. Thanks Lickity split!