Andrea and Rory – San Luis Obispo | Montana de Oro

I have such a soft spot for Andrea and Rory. We had planned our first meeting and dinner to discuss the engagement shoot and get to know each other a bit more. I arrived and quickly noticed that – duh – it was extremely crowded due to the blue men group showing and the cute little old fashioned ice skating rink. BTW, this was a few weeks before christmas. And so . . . the restaurants were all full. So we managed to get in at a lovely “diner” – the kind that serves tapioca with dinner. : ) For the record – I love tapioca. Anyway, dinner comprised of a good ole bowl of soup and for me a grilled cheese sandwich. Yes, white bread and american cheese. Yum. Well . . . my sandwich came and the cheese was not melted. : ( Rory – quickly said – you should send that back. Gosh darn it, yes I should and I did and they were very nice and melted it more and it came back wonderfully melted and I had a great comforting meal. – (total run on sentence – sorry) ¬†Anyway, Thanks Rory for speaking up. Good (comfort food), great conversation – amazingly wonderful couple. I loved planning your shoot, scouting it with the family and most importantly – spending the day creating beautiful memories with you two. Thanks for including us in your lives.